New Ventures

We support clients globally as they develop a clear innovative strategy that meets their business-growth targets and strategic objectives. We do this by helping clients assess their vision related to operations, sales, marketing, talent acquisition and innovation.

At RC&AC our goal is to provide you with information that can make your start-up business successful. We can help you maximize efficiency, increase productivity and build your business processes from the ground up.

We have a variety of exclusive approaches that enable clients to achieve higher returns with better execution through different benchmarks and methodologies. We assist with breakthrough ideas.

We fill pressing knowledge gaps by the way we:

◊ Define the nature and extent of the project by gathering information (which may include conducting research to determine the current efficiency and effectiveness of managerial policies and procedures).

◊ Analyze current trends and use that background knowledge.

◊ Present our recommendations to the client organization and, if our recommendations are accepted, implement those recommendations.

◊ Human Resources Consulting – gather info and suggest organizational charts, recommendations on recruitment and talent acquisition.

◊ Operations – help organizations increase productivity through improved business processes.