Project Recruitment

The ability to fill large scale groups of individuals throughout North America: inside sales roles ,feet-on-the-street, as well as inbound/outbound Contact Centre positions.

At RC&AC we thrive on this type of challenge. We utilize our staff and our resources to achieve our clients’ goals. It is our objective to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by continuing to offer leading bilingual recruitment solutions, as well as customized recruitment and outsourcing solutions, enabling our clients to focus on their core business.

Project Recruitment is probably the most complex form of recruitment today. Recruiting is a process, not an event. Our formalized recruitment methodology supports our quality commitment to our clients. Our service teams understand recruiting to be a critical function and a key driver in the success of both RC&AC and its clients.

Understanding client requirements is one of the most important things in any business, especially in the mass recruitment solutions business. RC&AC growth and success is, in large part, the result of understanding and anticipating the recruiting needs of our clients. RC&AC combines the knowledge gained from regular meetings with clients, our internal service team members, job applicants, and industry trends to build a knowledge base of skills required and the market availability of those skills.